Uniforms are considered as a tool to convey the mission of promoting the brand and image of the business.
Therefore, the quality of business uniforms is very important from color (durable, not peeling, etc.), material (breathable, highly elastic, etc.), to style (fashion, personality, originality, etc.).

JOYLYAN not only specializes in the development of its sports and swimwear products, but also is known for its design services, producing uniforms in large quantities, with high standards, beautiful and harmonious designs. and fit with the corporate culture.

At JOYLYAN, to ensure the quality of every uniform design, the production process of every finished product goes through a very careful research and selection phase with suppliers (Joylyan’s strict quality inspection process for cotton material)


The process of designing business uniforms at JOYLYAN meets high standards (strictly supervised and rigorous in each stage) in order to bring the best quality to customers.

JOYLYAN always ensures the production schedule according to the signed contract. Besides, customers will also join hands with JOYLYAN to maintain sustainable development values by implementing social responsibility commitments through the process of fabric selection, design, production, packaging, and environmentally friendly delivery.

JOYLYAN is proud to be one of the leading training brands that always keep up with fashion trends, popular colors bring the MODERN, DYNAMIC and FRESH look to training fashion and sportswear uniforms.  

Researching and using natural and benign fabrics has both brought the wearer in general or athletes, coaches, yogis, etc. in particular a feeling of extreme comfort, confidence, and enjoyment when practicing.

Marking the cooperation in the official design of the uniforms at the 1st National YOGA Club Tournament co-organized by Vietnam YOGA Federation and the Embassy of India in June 2022. .
JOYLYAN is also delighted with the brilliant victories of TPY International YOGA Academy with the Championship and the highest title of First Prize of the Team.


JOYLYAN is extremely pleased and proud to become a strategic partner in building corporate image  & participating in many successes for many tournaments, partners, customers, etc. through design and production. export uniforms.


Give your trust to the design and consulting team of JOYLYAN to help your business make a difference, and convey the message, mission as well as corporate identity image.