JOYLYAN is one of the leading fashion brands in the field of workout wear that not only provides high-quality products but is also committed to social and community responsibilities in general. The fabrics used by JOYLYAN all have outstanding features such as lightness, breathability, high durability, softness, smoothness, and non-irritating to the skin…  Moreover, all JOYLYAN products and accessories are also available. made of natural, eco-friendly materials to bring many benefits to customers and the environment.

Magical Crypton Fabric – GAMINO DÉCOR

Recycled Polyster: Recycled fabrics have great significance for the environment and nature, it has a positive impact, contributes to the protection and maintenance of a balanced ecosystem. Recycled Polyster material is durable, sweat-absorbent, less wrinkled, does not cause skin irritation, breathable, quick-drying, good color fastness.

Lycra: Thanks to the use of a large proportion of spandex elastic fibers, this fabric is characterized by a high stretch. Therefore, clothing made from this fabric creates a comfortable feeling for the wearer. Not only that, Lycra is also a thin, soft, and body-hugging fabric..

100% Cotton: Cotton fabric is a natural fabric made from cotton fibers and chemicals as the main raw materials. With many advantages such as: good elasticity, high durability, no skin irritation, quick drying, good sweat absorption, ventilation, effective abrasion resistance.

Spandex: The advantage of this material is that the fabric surface is smooth, soft, and has good elasticity. Spandex fabric is easy to wash, durable, holds its form well, does not lose its original features and provides comfort to the wearer.

Tencel: Environmentally friendly and healthy with the ability to decompose quickly. Tencel fabric has high absorbency, less wrinkle, less shrinkage, benign does not cause skin irritation.

Organza: With many uses such as thin, light, quick-drying, breathable,  wrinkle-free fabric, with high wear resistance.


BE READY: ready for all kinds of sports & daily activities (shopping, camping, meeting friends, etc.)

BE ACTIVE: always be active regardless of posture, exercise, and intensity.

BE CLASSY: classy with unique, fashionable and highly applicable designs.


JOYLYAN’s design team always updates fashion trends, mix-match, color by season, by stage. JOYLAN products are very special with many high-quality fabrics, good materials, unique textures, vibrant colors, diverse, modern and fashionable designs.