Special Tailor Made

Fashion Illustration — Mabel the Fashion Muse

The process of designing business uniforms at JOYLYAN meets high standards (strictly supervised and rigorous in each stage) in order to bring the best quality to customers.

Stage 1 – Receiving: JOYLYAN will receive Logo, brand identity ideas or requests and desires based on the proposed budget of the customer.

Stage 2 – Design: At the design stage, JOYLYAN team will complete 06 steps as follows:
Step 1: Confirm the information exchanged during the receiving phase.
Step 2: Research, analyze ideas and propose implementation directions.
Step 3: Deploy ideas (Moodboarding).
Step 4: Sketching ideas (Sketching).
Step 5: Refine the design.
Step 6: Confirm the design with the customer.

Stage 3 – Production: JOYLYAN always closely monitors every stage in order to limit technical errors and meet production standards.
Step 1: Select fabric samples and check the quality.
Step 2: Make a template.
Step 3: Test the sample.
Step 4: Test the sample and tweak it (if any).
Step 5: Finalize the template.
Step 6: Production.

Stage 4 – 3Q inspection & delivery of finished products: JOYLYAN always strictly checks product quality to meet 3Q standards before packing and delivering finished products to customers.
Step 1: Check the quantity of finished products.
Step 2: Check the standards (specifications, materials, seams, colors, textures, etc.) of the product.
Step 3: Quality inspection according to customer requirements (layout, thickness – thin, raplan, fabric mix, etc.)
Step 4: Check with customers and deliver finished products


JOYLYAN luôn đảm bảo tiến độ sản xuất theo đúng hợp đồng ký kết. Bên cạnh đó, quý khách hàng cũng sẽ cùng chung tay với JOYLYAN duy trì những giá trị phát triển bền vững bằng thực hiện cam kết trách nhiệm xã hội thông qua quy trình lựa chọn vải, thiết kế, sản xuất, đóng gói, vận chuyển thân thiện với môi trường.