• Are you a Yogini/Gymer/Biker and Joylyan is one of your favorite new brand in your shopping list?
  • Are you a Yoga coacher/Gym trainer who has experienced Joylyan products and wants to recommend us to others?
  • Are you looking for a place to share all about Yoga, activewear shopping experience, healthy food and lifestyle?

If you say yes to one of the above, join Joylyan affiliate program and get some extra income for your sharing.

be with Joylyan and become


Recommend Joylyan and get the commission

You can choose for yourself an Inspirer code in your own style and receive a 10% discount on the bill of customers using your code.

“Come to Joylyan and don’t forget to read the code BeautifulHB” to get a discount!”

What is your promo code?

i love joylyan?


For those who love Sports / Yoga / Gym,  are Joylyan’s customers and have a passion for business. You can use the product samples or Joylyanwear that you are wearing to recommend to your friends and people are interested in.


  • Joyers get the samples directly at Joylyan’s showroom – 146/5 Nguyen Van Thu Street,  Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC and settle the payment as per the special price grid for Joyers.
  • Joylyan send the samples to Joyers by Delivery Service and shipping fee will be paid by Joyers.

step 2: consulting

  • Joyer get all needed information about the Brand, Cataloge, Fabrics, Size Guide, Colors and selling price
  • Stylish consulting and give an advice to who are interested in Joylyanwear
  • From consulting to purchasing

step 3: place an order with JOYLYAN

Joyers place an order with below mandatory information:

  • Full name of client
  • Phone number
  • Recipient address
  • Products code, color and size

step 4: JOYLYAN confirm order, deliver to clients & payment settlement successfully.

Note: Commission Grid for Joyers – cumulative sum by month.

  • Revenue < 10,000,000 VND                                    :10% Commision
  • Revenue from 10,000,000 -> 20.000.000 VND    :12% Commision
  • Revenue > 20,000,000 VND                                    : 15% Commision