Discover True Personalization

Create Your Own Style

For those who wish to truly stand out in a crowd, Joylyan offers tailor-made service at various levels of customisation –  from fully bespoke services from the scratch to the modification of existing designs of Joylyan.

All In The Measurements

It’s time to leave unflatteringoff-the-rack sizes behind and join apersonalized future.It’s time you start wearing clothesmade only for you.


Design and Customize

Let your creativity run free and customize
the clothes of your dreams. Whether it’s
that a cut-out jumpsuit you’ve dreamed
about, an exclusive yoga set for mommy
and daughter, or sportswear for your group,
we’ve got you covered!

Add Your Measurements

You’re unique and special
Let’s the real you shine!

Choose Your Favorite Fabrics

A wide range of luxury sport fabric such as
spandex, nylon, cotton,…,based from
recycled or organic materials are waiting
for your choice

Off To Production

Our skilled tailors make every garment to
order using advanced machinery and
technology to ensure precise

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

No hassle, no worries; just a perfect fit.
If your garment doesn’t fit as you want it to,
we’ll replace it with a new one
free of charge.