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THE Passion & Step Out of THE Comfort Zone

Joylyan joined the market in 2020 with unique and inspiring designs of not only studio-to-street activewears but also sporty-chic casual.

We focus on quality, innovation, technical fabrics, improved performance, and the commitment to sustainability. Joylyan offers not only products, and lifestyle but also allows you to encompass your ideal versions.



Did you ever wonder what your purpose in life is?

It seems to be a simple question, but it makes us think about the purpose of our lives carefully. Knowing why you exist is not a spiritual or a philosophical journey, it’s a basic question like what’s your favorite color.

Our story begins with a passion for the Yoga of one lady and her adventure to find the meaning of her life when she is turning 35.

Trinh Ho (July) is used to working in the hospitality industry in Vietnam; particularly Phu Quoc market. Despite a stable job and a desirable salary, July always concerns her true meaning of life.

At the turning point of her life, she bravely gave up everything and began a journey from Vietnam to Myanmar & India so as to find the answer.

Fortunately, the adventure helped her to know what she is meant to do in life.  Coming back from the adventure, she rekindled a passion for business, and Joylyan was built from the scratch with the hope of becoming a Vietnamese brand with quality products at affordable prices, sharing profits with difficult cases in the community, and raising the awareness of protecting the environment simultaneously as the way Joylyan works.


Combination of two words ‘Joy’ and ‘Lyan’ where Joy means happiness, delight or great pleasure and Ly is another nickname of the founder July Trinh Ho, Joylyan is the brainchild of not only the founder but also the whole female team of employees who are passionate about the Profession and Humanity.

Joylyan is a leading brand in terms of producing activewears, sharing workout experiences, physical care, nourishing the soul, exchanging and learning life experiences, love through charity programs, etc.

Every woman is a flower. Actually, there are flowers that are beautiful but fragile; somehow, the others are colorless but fragrant, etc.

Being like a wildflower, strong enough to rise up when trampled on and against the worst summer storms, able to flourish in the most broken places.

Open your hearts, spread positivity and vibes to all the people who come into your sphere of influence and Joylyan will always be with you – our strong, independent, and self-loving ladies!

Live Happy – Healthy – Meaningful!


At Joylyan, all of our products are continually carefully reviewed at every stage of the production process flow: designing, fabric & accessories selection, making pre-production samples, printing and embroidery, sewing, packaging, etc. With a professional and dedicated team of designers, tailors, sales, and other conscientious employees, Joylyan hopes to satisfy even the most demanding customers.



Originating from the passion for Yoga, understanding of the modern lifestyle of Vietnamese ladies, and the desire to bring confidence and comfortable movement for all women in exercises.

Celebrating convenience and a healthy lifestyle, Joylyan provides clothes that can take you from the yoga studio to the street, and to the highest peak. Joylyan is one of few first sportswear brands in Vietnam to bring a holistic lifestyle approach to high-end activewears.

Joylyan products can captivate any lady who loves fashion, Yoga in general, and cares about product quality in particular.