Fast fashion trend is known as fast fashion, “instant food”.
The design and production process is implemented extremely quickly to meet the tastes at the lowest possible cost.

Actually, these products are usually “outdated” very quickly. Therefore, a large number of clothes of this trend are soon “discarded” and have a profoundly negative impact on climate change and the environmental ecology due to water pollution during production.

Raw materials also become more and more depleted, and harvesting large amounts of sheep, goats, etc. also affects the survival of animals.

This trend also negatively affects the working environment of workers.

Workers are paid quite low, in addition to working in contact with many toxic substances, they often have to work overtime for many hours to keep up with the production schedule.
Currently, consumers have begun to be aware of the harmful effects of this “Fast-fashion” fashion trend and gradually move away from this fashion design.

At the same time, fashionistas also strongly support choosing and buying clothes of brands that uphold sustainable values and protect the environment.

Today’s sportswear brands also focus on the research and development of green designs.


JOYLYAN is one of the enterprises in the field of fashion training wear in Vietnam that not only provides high-quality products but also commits to social and community responsibilities in general.
All JOYLYAN products and accessories are made of natural and environmentally friendly materials.

In addition, all activities in the operation process from design, production to packaging and delivery at JOYLYAN are always considered to bring many benefits to customers and the environment.

JOYLYAN‘s designs are sketched on a computer and store design drafts online to minimize the use of traditional drawing paper to an absolute extent.
Not only focusing on researching environmentally friendly fabric processing and production processes, but JOYLYAN also focuses on product materials in general to accessories, packaging, transportation (shirt tags, packaging, boxes). containers, vouchers, etc.).

JOYLYAN hopes that with sustainable development orientation, we will affirm our position for the sports fashion market in Vietnam as well as pay joint efforts in protecting the global ecosystem!