Biker shorts are no strange to us because of its convenience and still very popular until now thanks to famous names such as Kim Kadarshian, Fashionista Amanda Bloom, Jasmine Sanders, Gigi, …

It’s been proven time and time again that they can be dressed up for a night out or just worn on your run, or even the bike ride they were made for.

Ladies, do not ask yourselves whether or not the biker shorts are a truly viable option to wear for dating, haging out. With the right styling, the right attitude, and the right pair, the stretchy, clingy biker shorts now get a resounding YES.

Do you still feel stumped on styling them?

Joylyan will give you plenty of cool new ideas for how to style the biker shorts

Biker Shorts & Shirt

Choose an oversized shirt, long shape or take your boyfriend shirt to try this outfit.

The wide, comfortable stretch of the shirt contrasts well with the tightness of the biker short. Cool materials such as cotton, viscose or linen also help you “breathable” in the coming summer.

Tips: Untucked your shirt if you want to cover your waist and hips but try buttoning the shirt off the side and releasing a few buttons on the top. It will help you have a youngful style and not baggy at all. If you are more confident, you can tie your shirt as the second outfits.

Biker Shorts & T-shirt

Mix-match biker shorts and T-shirt  is favored by many young people and it’s completely easy. The outfit bring a dynamic and youthful look for you.

Shoes, cross bags, hats, glasses, … are indispensable accessories to help you become a truly fashionista.

  • Oversized T-shirt will cover the thighs and make you more confidence with the outfit
  • A long-sleeved T-shirt or hoodie is a good choice to pair with biker shorts

Joylyan bike shorts are a summer essential for your everyday wardrobe and are so versatile that they can be easily paired with both simple graphics or Yoga bras/ tops or with more fancy lace tops.

Biker Shorts & Blazer

The long form of blazer create an added sense of height in the wearer. A monochrome blazer or a patterned blazer can be mix-matched with biker shorts to give you an elegant appearance but no less active.

If you mix with a pair of sneakers or high-heeled boots, you will look pretty cool; but if you want a more luxurious look, go with high heels.

The blazer will give you a more elegant look and the turban headband will be the most impactful to the outfit.

Not only is the plain blazer, but the patterned blazer will also make you  look so youthful. But remember to choose a simple biker short to mix with patterned top.

Biker Shorts & Longline Jacket / Vest

For a summer outfit, you want to wear something that is easy breezy so that it will keep the heat and sweatiness off you along with giving you a polished appearance. You can wear your favorite tee along with black bike shorts made from a breathable and stretchy fabric. To complete the outfit, wear a sleeveless longline jacket made from softer fabric like linen or chambray and you will be good to go in no time. You can add a cap and sunglasses to the look for a chic

Biker Shorts & Short Jacket / Sweatshirt

If plain black bike shorts are too average for you, we suggest you check out something more glam for yourself. You can go for green or avocado green bike shorts and match it up with an colorful sweatshirt or crop hoodie for a luxe look and go for some glitzy converse to go with the outfit.

  • Accessories help create some glam and drama that sets the tone perfectly for any outfit and gives a strong statement about your style
  • Who wouldn’t want to have some fun with their outfits when the whim strike?

The suggestions of matching with the biker shorts of JOYLYAN above will definitely help you no longer feel these biker shorts are difficult. With a little variation, you will look like a truely fashionista.

Good luck to you all, Joylyan beloved ladies!

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